Hello Bodies, Is It Time?

Bodies are amazing.

Do you wake up being grateful for your body?

Would you like to join this three-month playground of possibilities with YOUR body?
What if you could ask your body for anything? Would you?
Your body does not judge you, it desires to be in communion with you.  

I spent most of my life judging my body and being in conflict with it.  
I am so impressed that my body still hung in there with me. It truly is amazing. 
I am not saying I am 100% out of judgment and conflict. I am acknowledging I have chosen gratitude for my body and through that choice, judgment and conflict start to cease.  

Being with your body is a glorious marathon. This is your life.  
Are you choosing to BE with your body or in conflict with it?

When you make the choice to come and play, this is a taste of what you and your body will receive:

  • Join the private telegram thread with Simone Milasas.
  • Receive some pre-listening gifts for you and your body.
  • Call with Simone every two weeks.
  • Apply to be one of the randomly chosen for what we affectionately call a “hot seat” private session, as everyone gets to be there and receive, too. There will be five of these available.
  • SOP session for our bodies once a month.
  • Irregular morning questions and tools in a voice note for you and your body
  • Then, there is the surprise of something else each month, either a guest or a gift!


What is your investment?

250 USD a month
650 USD if you pay in full upfront

Country Pricing and Age Pricing applies. 
Your individual and applied pricing can be seen under Billing & Payments after registering.



Access Bars Class or Body Process Class, basically a knowledge of Access Consciousness

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