Kalpana Raghuraman

Kalpana Raghuraman

Kalpana Raghuraman 
Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator
Most facilitated classes are:

- Choice for Possibilities
- 3 Day Bodyclass 
- Relationships done Different
- Joy of Movement (specialty class)
- Access Manipulation 101 (specialty class)

- Talk to the Entities (Intro, Beginning & Intermediate)

What would your life be like if you stopped judging yourself?
What would it be like if you don’t adjust to other people’s expectations?

I find such deep joy in facilitating greater awareness, possibilities and change through Access Consciousness. It has allowed me and many people all over the world to get empowered.  

If you are ready to trust yourself, be empowered and be great - the tools and processes of Access Consciousness can assist you in a way I have not seen any other modality do so.

It is pragmatic and simple, yet extremely effective and deeply profound.

Change is available and it’s right here, smiling at you!

What life, what world, what future do you want to create and live in?

About me

I was born to South-Indian parents who were first generation migrants in the Netherlands. 
My father, appa, was a chemical engineer who travelled a lot. My mother, amma, was one of the first ones to start an Indian dance school.

And my elder brother Anand was always there, showing me the ropes of how to deal with the outside world that was so different from Indian home life. My amma mostly spoke Tamil at home, my appa spoke Tamil and English, and my brother and I mostly spoke Dutch together.

So I was raised with 3 languages all twisted into each other where I don’t think I speak any of these three languages ‘perfectly’ well. Somehow there are words I only know in one language, other words I know in two or three, and some I don’t know in … any!

Life as a trilingual however was a greater gift than I ever realized as a kid: I have an ease with picking up other languages that I thoroughly enjoy now when I travel to new countries. And which allowed me to refurbish my French when I met my husband Serge Aimé, who is French speaking.

Both my parents were to some extent religiously inclined which allowed me to learn all about Hindu celebrations and customs, which greatly formed my younger years. It gave me a sense of the ‘supernatural’ and the connection with nature that is so inherent to Hindu culture and traditions. Both my parents were definitely spiritually inclined and so my brother and I would often be taken to all kinds of meditations, chanting and bodywork evenings and workshops.

My parents really nurtured me to be curious about ‘the universe’ and human potential. These years as a child really set the ground work that allowed me to be and to this day remain curious and a seeker. A seeker of more than what this reality says is possible, curious about that which goes beyond this reality. 

Despite or perhaps due to the great ground work, I did not escape existential questions such as Who am I ? Am I Indian, Am I Dutch, What do I really desire? Why am I even here?

These questions confused me, and they definitely challenged me. It led me to take a year off from my first year in sociology during which I travelled to India. It led me to ashrams and to temples. And even after that one year, even after starting a masters in cultural anthropology, those questions never left me. It took me to experience many things including the precious works of Osho. And in the end I would say..it lead me to Access Consciousness, where all those things magically came together.

It was actually appa who introduced me to Access Consciousness! Yes!
He sent me an audio of an Access Consciousness facilitator and said : “I think you will like this”.
My enthusiasm inspired him to dive in deeper too. And so I found myself sharing audios and videos with him on all kinds of Access Consciousness stuff. My husband, who in itself is not ‘into’ any of this stuff, got tickled by what I was listening to. And so a few months later, my husband and I found ourselves in our first Access class and I started to implement the tools in my life and my work straight away.
What started as an excitement for a modality that resonated so deeply with me, that was so simple and effective and yet was also so perspective shifting and seriously radical, turned into a way of living and being.

Life before Access Consciousness was already good but after Access Consciousness came into my life… everything just went BOOM!
And life has become a great adventure with Access touching all aspects of my life

So thrilled by the Access Consciousness tools I soon chose to become a Certified Facilitator. At the beginning I was in the naïve supposition that dance was my ‘main job’ and Access would be a second. I soon realised it doesn’t work that way: consciousness if you choose it, permeates all domains of your life, and is not a second job. Access Consciousness is a way of living. I started to facilitate classes and to see the transformation occur just filled me with gratitude and joy. I started to travel a few countries. Then I took a leap and started to facilitate in French which up to then I spoke so-so. It was good enough for people to get me, and facilitating inspired me to flex my language-muscles and soon I started to travel in France and various French speaking countries.

Now I find myself traveling the world, facilitating all kinds of Access classes live and online. I meet some of the most amazing, courageous, beautiful people. I run my own consciousness business with a team that is fabulous and extremely talented. 

Meanwhile my dance career did not stop – quite the contrary. My dance work developed strongly and led me to start my own dance company, Kalpanarts, which by now is a small yet strong company that is structurally funded in the Netherlands.

The seeker that I am knows that there is no destination, there is only an ongoing expansion and opening up to more. Consciousness is powerful and magical and always contributing to those who are willing to receive. I have taken consciousness up on the invitation to choose to be greater every day.

And now here I stand and extend this invitation to you – will you accept my invitation?



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Kalpana Raghuraman is a desired Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, known for her sharpness, clarity, humor and warmth. She is also an internationally acclaimed performer, choreographer, dance mentor and Scholar. Kalpana travels the globe creating change and consciousness through her art and facilitation. She blends her capacities together beautifully as an artist with her awareness and talents as an Access facilitator. In this channel Kalpana shares videos that are candid moments where she has an insight or experience and this channel also includes recordings of online events with information about classes and much more. Dig in and enjoy!

“If "impossible" wouldn't be in your world anymore.. What would you then choose and be able to create?!”

- Kalpana Raghuraman