Penny Plautz

Penny Plautz

Welcome, you curious and creative creature!

Is now the time for you to come out of hiding and allow your beautifully quirky, creative self to be seen? What if using the tools of Access Consciousness® and Access Bars® could free you and your body of the limitations that keep you from being unapologetically powerful you?

The way I see it, you are a creative force of nature!

You may see it as being weird, different, misunderstood, or a misfit of magnitude. However you describe it, I'm guessing you've made yourself wrong for it and decided it was best to keep your quirks to yourself. And then blamed your body for your perceived imperfections! 

But what if you could see your difference as your greatest gift? What if you could finally get that your weirdness is your edge, your body is your biggest ally, and your way of being and seeing life is what the world has been waiting for?

If you are a lone wolf or an introvert, it can be hard to trust that the world will accept you. But what if the first step in the world accepting you is simply showing up here where I see and can acknowledge the gift of you?

It's not easy, I know. I've been there. I've spent most of my life avoiding my gifts by buying into the wrongness of me.

But that's not what changes the world. 

You no longer judging yourself is what changes the world.

You unleashing your creativity, befriending your body, and owning your brand of brilliance changes the world.

How about we explore how to do that using the tools of Access Consciousness?  I'm ready whenever you are!

I'm available to run Bars, do body sessions, and facilitate the kind of change you and your body are asking for.





Penny Plautz is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Body Process Facilitator, CFMW, author of Coming Clean: 6 Steps to Making AMENDS With Your Body and Body Confidence From the Inside Out, certified eating psychology coach, and a creativity coach.  Her keen sense of questioning and creative approach to sensing what's possible allow her to be a catalyst for conscious change and creative expression.



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Here is a trailer from my book, Coming Clean: 6 Steps to Making AMENDS With Your Body. I believe our bodies have so much to share with us. Why not write it a love letter and open yourself to its wisdom? What grand and glorious adventures await you and your body when you allow your body to show you the future it knows is possible?

“What would it take to come out of hiding and bring your unique gifts to the world? What would it take to give up the wrongness of you and reclaim your power and potency? What would it take to give up your weapons of mass distraction and tune into the wisdom of your body?”

- Penny Plautz