Shawna Peters

Shawna Peters

Shawna Peters is Indigenous to Chilliwack, BC, Canada from the Sto:lo, Cree and Coast Salish Nations. She travels the world taking different Access Consciousness classes and is open to facilitating in different areas of the world.

Shawna has been practicing Access Consciousness since the age of 15;  a family friend from San Francisco introduced her family to the Access Consciousness tools and books. She started taking Access Consciousness classes in 2015 and became a Certified Facilitator in 2023.

Shawna has also studied at the Native Education College in Vancouver BC and graduated from the Family and Community Counselling Program, which gave her years of experience working with Indigenous Youth in Vancouver BC, as well as at a Mental Health Advocacy Center.

She currently resides in Chilliwack and is working as an Indigenous Monitor for a major construction project in the gas and oil field. The tools of Access have changed her life in many ways and she wonders what the tools can change for others as well!

Shawna is currently reading: Beyond the Utopian Ideal and Money Isn't the Problem, You Are.

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Beyond the Utopian Ideal

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“Live your life beyond what you ever knew was possible”