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Math With Ease

By Christine DiDomenico

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What if math did not have to be difficult?





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How many decisions do you have about your ability with math? What if math did not have to be difficult?

This audio contains a series of verbal processes to unlock the limitations that create difficulty with math and allow more ease.

Christine DiDomenico is a transformation coach, energy healing practitioner, Access Consciousness® facilitator, Access Bars facilitator, Access Body Facilitator and Access Facelift Facilitator. She has 35 years experience with children as a teacher, administrator, tutor, and empowerment coach.
For 12 years Christine has worked with children and adults to change stress-related difficulties, anxiety, chronic pain and illness, and empower people to create greater with school, parenting, relationships, business, money, and so much more.
Christine knows that anything can change if you have the right tools. With her clients she uses Access Consciousness energetic tools and techniques to clear the blocks that are getting in the way of the client having ease in their life. Whether it’s eliminating pain or illness, having better relationships, or creating a thriving business the transformation can be quick and permanent. 
What if life doesn’t have to be difficult? What if you could have more ease, more joy, and more fun in your life? Is now the time?
What would you like to create as your life? If you didn’t function from the limitations of difficulty what could your life look like?