Jane Carroll

Jane Carroll

Hello and welcome to Alabama!

All my life I've been interested in healing and wellness. That's probably why I chose being a nurse when I went to college. Unfortunately, what I found in nursing was that our healthcare system focused on treating illness more than promoting alternative methods for staying healthy and that documenting patient care was more important than actually caring for the patient. Needless to say, I spent some disillusioned years practicing nursing. I was always looking for another way.

So, I spend a lot of time searching and seeking. One thing I found was Law of Attraction which I studied for several years. I even wrote a series of Amazon best-selling books about a character named Bertha. And, Bertha is definitely a character, dressed in spandex and standing on a soapbox teaching LOA techniques in a really fun way. I even quit my nursing job to be a famous author. Well, that didn't work out so well and I found myself back in nursing but this time as a school nurse which was pretty fun. (I retired from that job a few years ago.)

I read Being You, Changing the World by  Dr. Dain Heer when it first came out. I couldn't remember the words to the clearing statement but I would use it from time-to-time just saying "that funny clearing statement." I also loosely followed the Tour of Consciousness videos. But as intriguing as it was, it all seemed out of reach as I continued my nursing and writing careers.

I was still seeking. I became a Reiki Master and Yoga instructor. But that wasn't it either.

And then... Body Whispering... came out. Suddenly I couldn't get enough of Access Consciousness and Dr. Dain. I knew I needed to take an Access Bars class. I found one in Atlanta... in Spanish. But... I used the Access tools I had learned. What else is possible? How does it get any better than this? And... she offered a class in English on a perfect day for me. Then it was time to take The Foundation Class... and the one I found that I could easily drive to was online. I really wanted to take it in person. So I used the tools again. And... she allowed me to come to her house to take the class in person. How does it get any better than this? My Choice of Possibilites Class followed and blew me away. My life is changing every day with more and more possibilites. 

I am currently offering Access Bars, Access Energetic Facelift, and other body processes in Decatur, AL. I currently offer in person Access Bars and Body Process classes and various online classes via zoom. If you don't see a class offered that you are interested in, please contact me. I hope to meet you soon and if you are in Decatur... give me a shout! And... yes... I definitely have a southern accent. :)

All of life comes to me in ease and joy and glory. What else is possible? How does it get any better than this?


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“You get to choose... so... choose the good stuff! ~ Bertha”

- Jane Carroll