Discover Access through videos

There are many videos about Access Consciousness that you can explore! Here are a few that we recommend starting with, in no particular order. What speaks to you and tickles your curiosity?

You can also continue on to the Access media pages, as well as the Access Youtube channel. Or learn more about our livestream channel Access TV to discover even more possibilities. 

What the (bleep) is Access?

동영상 Access Consciousness offers you tools and questions that empower you to know that you know and to know that you always have choice.

What is Access Bars?

동영상 What if a gentle touch could change everything? The Bars are the very core and foundation of Access Consciousness.

What Does the Earth Know?

동영상 What does the Earth know about you? What if you allowed yourself to be the contribution to it that you are?

What if Being You ...

동영상 ... is what changes everything? What if when you are being you, when you follow your knowing, the walls to limitation dissolve?

Never A Money Problem

동영상 Ask and you shall receive. One of the main places we stop ourselves is in the area of receiving – From the Being You Book Club Video Series.

What is Consciousness?

동영상 What would it be like to not separate you from you? What if you lived in a world where everything exists and nothing is judged?

Review of Access Bars

동영상 What occurs in the brain before and after an Access Bars session? Presented by neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin.

What if Uncomfort isn´t Wrong?

동영상 When things seem difficult, what if that is when you're awareness is growing and has the capacity to carve out a completely new space?

The Creative Edge

동영상 What if you could always be the creative edge of consciousness? Welcome to CEOC, a monthly membership with Access tools!

Consciousness Hangout

동영상 What if there was an alternative to feeling defeated? An intimate chat between Shannon O'Hara and Dr. Dain Heer.

Benevolent Capitalism

동영상 What if you could create a sustainable future by maximizing greater possibilities not only for your business, but for everyone?

5 steps to changing ...

동영상 ... anything! What if your reality is different from almost everyone else's? From the Tour of Consciousness video series.

Being the change ...

동영상 What is a Being You class? What if you could go from having a life run on autopilot into becoming fully alive and present without judgment?

Conversations in Consciousness

동영상 Documentary shown at film festivals worldwide! Are you willing to be the difference for a greater future?

Meditation Walk With Earth

동영상 Explore a level of communion with the Earth that nothing else can give you. Described by Gary Douglas.

Consciousness Beyond Culture

동영상 Gary Douglas and Access Facilitators from around the globe discuss what else is possible beyond judgements of race, religion and culture.