Talk To The Entities Specialty Series: Beings of Light


This is where we must choose to know rather then doubt, to receive rather then take and be happy rather then suffer. We are accompanied on this planet by the most splendid mega beings. Some have called them angels, others guardians and now Beings of Light. Most have forgotten them, others totally disbelieve, very few receive and many can not see.

The beings of light are here to work with us to create greatness on earth. To enjoy the greatness of embodiment and flourishing with the life of nature.

What could we create if we turned towards these great beings? If we dared to receive?

Join me for the adventure of going beyond this reality! BEINGS OF LIGHT is an advanced 3-day class that exponentializes and opens up doors to greater possibility than you may have previously been unaware of!


3 Days


  • TTTE Introduction - with Shannon or any TTTE CF
  • TTTE Beginning - with Shannon or any TTTE CF
  • TTTE Advanced - with Shannon O’Hara


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