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Discover and explore articles that are about empowering you to know what is true for you. There is not one path or one answer. Access Consciousness is made up of literally thousands of tools, questions, systems and processes for you to know what will work for you and what life you would like to create. What can you find that can facilitate you to a greater awareness and possibility? What if you could begin to trust what you know?

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Project Possibilities

Have you ever stayed at a place that alters your reality and you become more as a result of it? Have you ever been to a land so joyful that your whole body lit up? This project is about a purchase that will create a different future for you... and a different future for the planet.


Benevolent Leadership

Benevolent Leadership is the point of view that you can't do capitalism from just what you can get out of it, but from how it contributes to you and everybody else. It may sound obvious ... but how do we get there from here? Gary Douglas, Steven Bowman and Chutisa Bowman begin to share the pragmatics of creating a thriving business and a thriving life for everyone from the stay at home mom, to the Janitor of the local school, and to the CEO of a fortune 500 company. What questions could create a change in the functioning of the world economy?

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The Awareness Revolution

Have you noticed that more people are waking up around you? That change is faster? That your connection to the planet is greater? This blog is a curation of content from all over the world with input and inspiration from Dr. Dain Heer. To empower, inspire, invite and awaken you!

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Resource Microsites

Access Consciousness is an ever expanding universe of resources for a more conscious world and for you to know what you know. We´ve gathered some of our core foundational processes and classes, as well as main specialized topics, on what we call "microsites" for you! These are like mini websites of their own accord, where you can dive deeper and explore even more possibilities. What would you like to choose? Please enjoy!

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