Sarah Grandinetti

Sarah Grandinetti

Sarah Grandinetti

If you would like to have your life catapulted towards everything you have been desiring, then Sarah Grandinetti is a possibility unlike any other.

She is the co-owner of two successful businesses; Salon Mix, Sassy Productions & co-founder of the online group #IamBeauty, she is a phenomenal mother of 4 children, a brilliant writer, and a dynamic facilitator.

Her desire to inspire and empower people to choose more, to actualize their dreams and know the beauty they are has a depth and breadth beyond the norm. She has unique capacities with interpersonal development, creative collaboratives, and personal growth. . She BE’s the energy of Fun Infuser with everything she touches.

This is what people are saying:

“What can I tell you about Sarah Grandinetti? She is so many things; a writer, a business owner, a dynamic creator, a mother, a wife, a healer. She all of these things but what is more relevant to me is the way she listens. The kind of listening when you know she is hearing all of the layers not just what you put on the surface, the place where your voice quivers because you are pretending everything is ok, where anger flashes, where you hold your breath. She listens. And in that listening she creates a space of no judgment and total caring for you in a way that is not often given in this world. In her presence the things you have decided are unchangeable suddenly have space and possibility. And yet she will not push you to change it, with grace and allowance Sarah is just present for you. She listens.” - CS  


“That instance when two become one…. when hands are laid upon another... the yummy warm, ooey gooey, centre that is created through the communion of gifting and receiving that takes place when ANY body process is running” - Sarah Grandinetti



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