Linda Reeves

Linda Reeves

Linda Reeves

Hi There,

Are you searching for something and don’t know what that is?

Do you just have a knowing that there is something that can change your life, from where you are at present, to make your life easier, lighter, more fun and make you feel happy?

Guess what, you are about to be introduced to the amazing .......... “BARS.”


The Bars do amazing things for you and your body. All it takes is an hour to hour and a half, and you feel different. It can remove so much going on for you energetically..... you may have had head chatter and all of a sudden your head is empty..... no noise or talk.

It gives better sleep, relaxation, reduces pain, trauma, anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, just to name a few things. By adding further tools of Foundation Class you can change your life. 

What would it take to choose to give it a go and see what it will do, as it is different for everyone........wouldn't it be boring if we were all the same?       TRULY MAGIC!!!!!!!!

A Private Session may be the way to experience them for your self?

I found the Bars over ten years ago, after a car accident brought me to this point.

My body was not happy. The Bars Class I attended shifted energy from my body, that was holding me back, and allowed the healing process to start.

My body became freer as I continued to run more of the Bars.

Bars empower you to be more of You. 



What if you ran the Bars for fun? The Bars cannot hurt you .........I wonder if the BARS® could change your life too, allowing you to be phenomenal?

I live in the Perth metro area, approximately 12km south of the City in Queens Park.

Offered are:

Access 1 day Bars Class, 4 day Foundation Class, Half day Body Process Class, 1 day Energetic Facelift Class & Right Body For You Tasters........... Also Private Session of Bars, Body Process, Facelift, Access Clearing, House Clearing, also SOP (Symphony of Possibilities) Sessions.

Another way to keep contact is by Online - Very Affordable Money Classes in 13 zoom session of 1.5 hours on a Tuesday & Thursday, that run periodically, and keep an eye out for Clarity Nights on various subjects. 

These Classes are fun, and with every Class I do, I'm amazed at how much change people receive, that they would never have expected possible.

For anyone who does a Bars Class, they are offered to attend the Bars & Movies Gift & Receive Night fortnightly on a Wednesday Evening for contribution of $25, to practice the Bars,have their own Bars run, connect with others and have some fun. Supper provided. 

Oh, not to forget the Amazing energy of the Access Facelift. - The same goes for after completion of the Access Facelift Class, you can join us at Facelift Gift & Receive Night, on a Monday night fortnightly, for $20. Supper provided.

Are you ready to allow for MIRACLES to work for you?

Everyone is different with what they experience, when they have their BARS® run for the first time. 

Are you willing to come play with us? You may have done the Bars some time ago and would like to re-kindle the running of the Bars or Facelift. This is for you too!!

I would love to hear from you.

Much gratitude


Linda Reeves CF




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My Classes

The Foundation

The Foundation class is designed to break the foundation of what you think your reality is, so you can create the reality that works for you.

Access Bars Class

Easy to learn, inexpensive and hands-on with a fully-trained facilitator guiding you in the technique.

Access Energetic Facelift

In this 1-day class, experience and learn an energetic-treatment that soothes your mind, rejuvenates your face and relaxes your body.

Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing System (MTVSS)

A potent coalescence of over twenty energies for people and animals.