Lisa Goodenough

Lisa Goodenough

Lisa Goodenough

Hi, my name is Lisa,

In 2011 I found Access Consciousness and it saved my life. It gave me questions and tools to use that changed the way I looked at my life and the world around me.

At the time I was living the dream travelling around Australia in a caravan and house sitting with my husband. That dream was turning into a nightmare where I was slowly changing from a wife to a Carer of a veteran who has depression, anxiety and addictions. I was loosing myself to meet what I perceived as his needs. I was tired, stressed, unwell and a long way from family and support so I started looking for ways to help my husband online. What I found was Access Consciousness. Through the tools of Access Consciousness I learned I can't help or change anyone but me. When I started changing others happened to change too.

I found Access Consciousness through listening to webinars where the guests were talking about Access Consciousness, asking questions and doing verbal processing. It created a lot of change for me in my outlook and my body. It was suggested that it would be helpful to get your Bars run. I found a Bars class on the Sunshine Coast and had my Bars run for the first time as a participant in a Bars class. It was one of the best moves I ever made. I came home from that class very excited and wanting to share Bars with the world. That night I ran my daughter's Bars, her friends Bars and ran another Access Body Process on my extra daughter who had just had a surgery on her arm.

My background is in massage and other healing techniques, but the Bars are something totally different. They can create so much ease in a person's life that I wanted to learn more. I became a Bars Facilitator then went on to do other classes including the 3 Day Body Class. I love working with bodies, they are so amazing. The change I see in people after a Bars session is such a gift to me and to them.

The Bars is a very dynamic hands-on body process that can help change sleep patterns, mood, balance, alleviate pain, relieve stress, and much, much more. You never know what will change during a Bars session, all I know is change will happen.

If you would like to have a Bars session and experience the magic of change for yourself or learn how to run Bars give me a call.

I have a stall at the Penguin Undercover Market, Arnold Street, Penguin each Sunday 9:00am - 3:00pm where I do mini taster Bars sessions (20 minutes) or longer full sessions. Why not come to the market and try it for yourself? Love to see you there.


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