Dealing With People - Access Manipulation 101

When you hear the world Manipulation - what comes up for you?!

In this reality it is a ‘bad’ thing and it usually involves people ‘making’ you do something you don't want to do. 

Within Access Consciousness manipulation has a completely different meaning. 

It is the willingness to be the energy that will allow somebody to be present with you and consider something they would never have considered before.

From this space, Manipulation comes from a place of kindness and from the willingness to always choose for what will create more.

It creates a space where every situation can be an invitation for greater possibilities.


In this class Dealing with People - Access Manipulation 101, Kalpana Raghuraman, will be inviting you to tap into this space > one where you can start to create possibilities and create what you truly desire.

Be it with relationships, with business, with family, with money, with sex….and what else?!




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This class is FREE for those attending the Choice of Possibilities class in Mexico City (live or online) and will be added to your main class details/recordings.   

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