Down the Rabbit Hole With My Favorite Addict

Drugs, alcohol, over eating, always doing for others, smoking, having to be right, sex, relationship, trauma/drama and being a victim are just a few of the addictions that can and do show up with our friends, families, co-workers and clients.

Have you noticed how quickly you can enter their reality and lose yours?

Have you ever been blindsided by their craziness and felt helpless as to what to do?

Addicts create their own worlds with their own rules, then expect you to play the part they have assigned to you. Rage, withdrawal, blame, self-righteousness, emotional and verbal abuse are just a few of the tactics that are used when the addict isn’t getting what he or she desires.

This class will give you practical information and tools to use when dealing with an addict, and clarity on the after effects of having been raised by one. We’ll look at what’s helpful and what’s not, as well as what’s possible and what’s not.

Most importantly, this class will be about helping you to disengage from their worlds, while gaining more clarity on and freedom to choose what would actually work for you.

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