Joy of Movement

Welcome to Joy of Movement

This Access™ Specialty class looks at movement and dance.

It’s a movement class that is without any limitation: everything is welcome! And it is a class where there is no judgment on how you move what so ever.

How much has this reality told us that only certain types of movement are ‘acceptable’? How much have we stopped listening to our bodies and have we perpetrated this realities’ limited view points about movement? And where have we lost the free, joyful experience of dancing?

So many times, it was a dance teacher who told us that we were not flexible enough, not rhythmical enough, not talented enough. It was a parent who compared us to someone else. And then how much of our unwillingness to move is us buying into and functioning from all the crazy points of view that we picked up on and nobody even said to us directly?

  • What if none of this is true?!
  • What if your body KNOWS how it likes to move?
  • What if your body KNOWS what movement makes it happy?
  • What if your body KNOWS how to express itself like nobody else does?

Its after all YOUR body! In this class, Kalpana Raghuraman, CF and professional dancer and choreographer, allows your body to move the way it desires to. One of Kalpana’s strengths is actually to tap into your bodies’ capacities to express itself. To trigger it from a space of allowance so you can enjoy it and express it beyond what you have allowed it to.

She guides you with prompts and tasks that allow you to tap into what your body knows and desires. Kalpana will be clearing the places where you have made the limitations and judgments about movement and dance greater than what you know and desire. And she will be facilitating movement based exercises that will make every molecule of your body buzz and jive!

She will also facilitate Body whispering and SOP work that will allow the bodies to tap into the possibilities that are waiting to be unveiled.