Ayse Ebru Tarim Dilekcan

Ayse Ebru Tarim Dilekcan

Ayse Ebru Tarim Dilekcan

"To my surprise, it has taken so long for me to put something into my profile on this page...not sure why...may be I was't brave enough to tell you how my life has been changing since I started Access...may be I wasn't being myself.......and wasn't ready to embrace who really I am and what I am capable of in this life time.........may be I wasn't convinced yet, I could be a contribution to this world and to YOU..... just by being ME......may be even I wasn't aware of what being ME looks like, feels like......let alone sharing with you......As I have been so used to function from this reality without noticing how I was being diminished everyday piece by piece....and wasting another life.......When I started letting go things that I used to hold on in my life, I noticed that everything gets easier.....Using Access Tools, or better to say playing with them is bringing joy to my everyday life......I laugh a lot, and I smile a lot, I kept hearing from people what a beautiful smile I have.....and now its more fun to smile even if people are not prepared to see someone smiling a lot.....I have the pleasure of learning, knowing and experiencing what is being in 'allowance', and even more what is being a rock in the stream....It is fun to surprise people when I don't react, resist or agree, align with their point of view......It is total fun to see everything is an interesting point of view.....above all, I am so grateful to perceive how universe is contributing to me while I have been totally enjoying to feel how I can create a life I desire.......All I really need is being ME in this life time and showing up as ME is the only thing required to be the contribution that I can truly be to this world and to YOU....Now I know how can I be a Gift to this world...... just by being Me and changing the world.....

What about YOU?...... Are you willing to join me?..... Are you willing to know how Access can change your life?..... Are you willing to contribute to change this world?...... It’s your choice as in everythingelse... I will be there to contribute to you....to empower you to open a new door in your life!! to start the change with loads of possibilities probably beyond your wildest imagination!:)...I have the desire to GIFT you everything I know......and to share with you everything I have experienced...... Are you willing to be YOU and change the world?....Your choice..:))

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