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Did you know that horses are some of the greatest facilitators on the planet?

The beauty of being with a horse is they pick up on the state of mind you are in at all times. They desire you to have all of you, and they are better behaved when you are being you!

There is a communion that we can create with horses, that has nothing to do with if you own a horse or ride a horse, but can contribute to you being with and handling horses with more ease, have a greater relationship with and ability to be close to and understand horses and what they require, and of course to become a better rider, too.

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider is an invitation to have a deeper connection with horses, to change what isn't working for you and your horse, or any horse you come into contact with, and to a deeper connection with you through the contribution of these amazing animals.

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There is a level of consciousness that the horses have, where they can give to us in a way that we haven’t even begun to imagine, something far greater than anything that anyone has ever been able to speak about.

Gary Douglas

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What Horses Helped Me Discover About Me by Connor Hill


If you saw the movie Avatar, you might remember how the indigenous people were in communion with the animals on Pandora. Though we don’t have the same physical neural-connection pathway with animals that the Na’vi do, we can still energetically create a similar communion and discover more about ourselves in the process.

The first time I was invited to connect with a horse in this way was through Access Consciousness. Before coming to Access, I had little to no experience with horses. My first "real" rides were at a 7-Day event in Costa Rica, where for the first time I was able to let loose on a horse, kicking into full cantor during tropical downpours.


What Can Horses Teach Us About Intimacy?


What would it be like to truly live without walls and barriers? What would it be like to live with a greater sense of vulnerability, gratitude, trust, allowance and honouring in every part of our lives? What would being intimate with ourselves actually be like, feel like and look like?

As kids and growing up, very few of us are invited to truly have a closeness and intimacy with ourselves, to trust in ourselves and our own awareness of things, and to honour our own knowing in the choices we make. Rather, we are taught to judge and to be what others project and desire us to be.


Lessons Learned from Horses – Arlene Schmidek


I have been around horses all my life. I started to ride when I was three years old and shortly after that I started competing with horses. I didn’t see it as competing then. I saw it more as being with my horse and seeing what we could create together.

I couldn’t wait to get home from school to go be with my horse. No matter what was going on in my life whether it was a good day or a day I was pissed at the world, I have always felt like I could be totally me with horses.


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