That is what Conscious Kids Conscious Parents (CPCK) is all about. When you were growing up, did you parents treat you the way you should have been treated? Or did they try to control you? To turn you into their image of perfection? Of who they had decided you should be?

What if you made the choice to do it different? What if you were willing to look at the possibilities of parenting rather than buying into the points of view and rules of what others say parenting should be? Might be a bit more fun. Possibly a lot easier.

If that sounds good to you, you have come to the right place.

Conscious Parents Conscious Kids is a specialty program in Access Consciousness that invites you to a different possibility in parenting. In classes facilitated world-wide by our dynamic and talented facilitators, you are invited to discover the joyful, ease-filled way of parenting that is available.

When you are being you, and your kids are being them, when you both are playing and creating together, a whole new world of possibilities becomes available. CPCK is your invitation to THAT… to the playground of possibilities that is available if you choose it.