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Donnielle Carter

Donnielle Carter

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As with most things in my life that turned out to be phenomenal and life changing, I was very resistant to Access Consciousness at first. I might even have described myself as ornery about it. I've been working with my mother, DeVona, on her talk radio shows for over 20 years. So when she announced one very early Friday morning that we had an appointment with that Saturday's guests to get our ""Bars Run"", I immediately rolled my eyes and thought ""Now what bizarre woo-woo thing has DeVona found."" How inaccurate that thought was and little did I know how much my life was about to change. Or did I? Hmmm...? Once, my now dear friends and fellow Facilitators, Steve and Michelle Comer began to talk about Access Consciousness, I knew it was different than anything that had previously crossed my path. And with the radio show, lots of things had crossed my path. I had my ""Bars Run"" and I have to admit that it was difficult to just lay there and receive but I did. As early as that afternoon, I noticed that my intuitive ability had kicked up several notches. The skeptic in me tried to shrug it off but somewhere inside I knew what had made the difference. Dr. Dain Heer and the Comers were on our radio show the next morning. After the 1 hour show I caught Michelle and told her that I wanted to learn this ""stuff"", not even sure what the ""stuff"" was. I had to look behind me to see who spoke because I couldn't believe that I had said it, but I had. It was like my body took over and said ""Pay attention to this!"" DeVona did a session with Dain over the phone on Monday and long story short, about 2 weeks later Dain was in St. George, Utah Facilitating a Foundation and Level 1 class. Wow, what a life changing experience that class was! And that was just the beginning to the adventure that I'm currently on. Thank you Dain for hearing our demand to the universe and coming to St. George.


I immediately began using the Access tools and EVERY aspect of my life drastically changed. And for that, I'm extremely grateful. I learned to receive, I re-connected with my body, stopped hiding from myself and the world and let go of many many limitations and judgments that I had placed upon myself, enabling me to generate the changes in life that I desire. And the changes were fast and still are fast!!!


And when I say I used to hide I mean I really really actively worked at hiding. I've been in radio for over 20 years and I spent 10 years in Television Promotions. I really had to work hard at staying behind the camera or off the microphone. I also disconnected so drastically from my body that during my heyday of Television, I was a size 18 at a height of 5' 2"". I used to say that I left Television because it was sucking the soul out of my right I was. It was sucking Me from my body! My body has changed from a size 16 to a size 6! Did I mention that that was in only 4 months? No dieting, no exercise, no deprivation, no pills or gimmicks. just re-connecting to my body and asking it what it wanted. It was easy! And in an extreme reversal of hiding, I now co-host a radio show about Access with DeVona and I Facilitate Access classes everywhere I can. And to Facilitate classes, I have to stand in front of people, talk and be seen. And it's one of the most fun things I have ever done in my life! I have a happiness about me now that radiates out and people who have known me for years remark that I seem to glow.


Access is the first thing I've ever seen that didn't want to ""fix"" me so that they could take credit for it and have power over me but simply wants to give me the tools that enable me to ""fix"" myself. Access tools empower you and gives you access to you! The Access tools are easy and the results are quick. What would it take for you to access the magic of life that surrounds us? What would it take for you to generate the life that you know is possible? If you know that there should be more to life but can't seem to be able to ""do"" it, contact me and we'll see what we can generate together. Be You and Change the World!

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