Helga Elena Perez

Helga E. Perez

Helga Elena Perez

On a snowy winter night in 2013, I was recovering from major surgery & very depressed. I was searching for anything that would help & nothing I knew was working... Following the energy, I found an interview with Dain Heer... As I listened, I knew THIS would lead me to the change I'd been asking for... And it did!

I signed up for the next Access Bars® & seven years later I continue to use Access tools. They're amazing in changing the energy behind those tricky things you haven't been able to change any other way. Using the tools, I've created changes I could've never imagined.

I work as a Licensed Clinical Counselor (LPCC) with children, teens, adults and couples. And also use Access tools with clients. I've seen faster and more effective results, such as decreasing & eliminating symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, physical pain, improved sleep, better relationships & more. I en-joy being part of change & grateful to be able to facilitate others in expanding their awareness, getting rid of limitations and creating the life they'd like to live. How does it get any better than that?

I facilitate in English & in Spanish, & excited to bring these amazing tools to where you live. If you'd like to host a class, let's talk. Looking forward to meeting YOU! ♥

If you're considering taking an Access class or a private session, it could be an amazing choice. To help YOU choose. . . you may ask yourself:

What would my life be in 5 years, if I take this class/session?

  • Perceive the energy that brings up in your space & body
  • If it is LIGHT, expansive, open, gives you more breath, space . . . it'll be a contribution to you.
  • If it is HEAVY, yucky, constricted, makes it hard to breathe. . . then it won't contribute to you at this time

You can use this question to help you make any decision in your life. We will also talk about this tool in class!

The choice that makes you LIGHT would contribute to YOU. And it may also change every 10 seconds, so keep asking.

And whether you choose to take a class now, or later, if you choose to use Access tools, things in your life WILL change.

To begin your journey, there are many Access videos that will introduce you to the tools. 

As you listen, you'll start to destroy limitations that have always held you back, and start creating the life you've always desired (or even better than you never imagined!). . . It's YOUR choice!

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A Question: What Contributes to YOUR life? .<>. Una Pregunta: ¿Qué contribuye a SU vida?

“What is possible to create in your life, when you are truly being YOU?”



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