Mary-Jane Liddicoat

Mary-Jane Liddicoat

Mary-Jane Liddicoat

I love questions. They are such a simple tool. Visit and search my free service The Daily Q for a library of questions to help you stay awake at the wheel of life. 

Can't find what you're looking for? Flick me a message and let's see what questions we can create. 

What else can I do? Many things. What do you require?


Mary-Jane has studied and worked in Australia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East for over 30 years.

Between 1992-2010, she worked for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade including in public affairs, corporate planning, ICT strategy and business planning policy planning, political, human rights, environmental, disarmament and education. She has worked in Australian Embassies in Tokyo and Seoul.

Mary-Jane speaks Korean and Japanese and authored a language textbook, Syrian Colloquial Arabic, during a four-year stay in the Middle East. She has worked as a Director on boards including the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Korea and the President of the Manuka Business Association in Canberra. 

In 2010, Mary-Jane left government administration to run a private consultancy. During her stay in Korea, Mary-Jane was a regular contributor to the Korean media, including as a featured regular guest on the Korean Government TBSe FM radio station 1013 Mainstreet 'Family Affairs' and Better Living programs, and with MJ's Daily Q featured on

In 2012, Mary-Jane published her first volume of 91 Days of Q based on her free questions posted daily at and - for fun - in 2013 she opened a now award winning cocktail bar - Polit Bar - in the heart of Australia's capital. 

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“Why questions? A question will always empower you to see and create more. An answer will only limit you to what you have decided is right.”