#IAmBeauty - Intro

Welcome to #IAmBeauty - Intro!


What started as a Facebook Challenge, turned into a movement.

And the movement demanded to have a live event…

Our participants will be taken on a journey of exploring Beauty… inside and out; top to bottom; side to side.

What if Beauty is nothing you have decided it is?

How much of the beauty of you, have you been you’ve been refusing to see because you’ve bought this reality’s barometer for what is to be considered beautiful?

Over the course of two days, we will look at outer beauty in a way that has never been done before. We will lead exercises that will expose and clear out the hidden judgement we have around physical beauty. By continuing to hold the judgements of our outer beauty in place we create them as solid, they become a barrier upon ourselves that our inner beauty has to fight in order to be seen. This is stopping us from creating the life we actually desire.

Participants will explore these exercises together in a full class format along with break out groups. We have seen how the vulnerability of another can contribute so much to the dynamic change available. What we found, is that what we most fear are the judgments of others and failure of measuring up to society’s beauty standards. These break-out groups will be the catalyst for dissolving that construct. Our demand is to bring people together and create a space of non-judgment.

Along with outer beauty, we will also look at Acknowledgment as a noun.

What is Acknowledgement and why is it such a vital part of living? Why does acknowledging one’s self help to create more for our body, our being and our lives? What would it create if we could allow for vulnerability in self acknowledgement? What if acknowledging yourself didn’t have anything to do with arrogance or separation?

Acknowledging one another will be easy….. but when we invite participants to acknowledge themselves as the gift that they be…. in a room full people that have their backs….. what greater possibility for the beauty of ONENESS will then become available?

The class includes an #IAmBeauty journal and an audio recording of the class.

This class has no prerequisites and every event is uniquely created by the people who choose to come.


Here is what people are saying:

I am so excited about this movement of #IAmBeauty continuing. . . This year has restored my faith in humanity showed me people who are willing to have each others backs without competition or jealousy, people who are willing to have barriers down to each other and daringly enough, to themselves -gaining enormous self love and communion.

This is actually the first space and gathering of people where I have seen communion at work, joined energies for greater - when it's not in an imminent catastrophe threat.
~ Johanna Pansera, Sweden

I joined the #IAmBeauty movement not long ago and it is simply mind-blowing to know that there are other people like ME. IAmBeauty offers a space where you can speak and express yourself the way you truly BE ! It gives you a voice in this world where the barriers are down, there is no judgement and total caring and back up from the other people in this movement. How does it get any better than this? I am excited and thrilled to be part of a movement I know is changing people's world! Can't wait for the next facebook challenge #fiercely living and see what other magic can be created ! What else is possible?
 ~ Agnes Koenig, Perth, Western Australia

Wow, where do I start? I joined#IamBeauty because I'm a beautiful guy. No really I was attracted to this group of Beautiful Beings because I constantly ask the Universe to show me Beauty. At times I get caught up in my work in the Juvenile Justice System and I desire some Beauty in my world. This group I like the cluster of folks in Sense 8. So creative and caring, they are the true change agents that the Planet beckons!!! What else can we change to out create this world of Magical Possibilities????
~ John H. Jr Ashford, Washington

I almost jumped into #IAmBeauty by accident recently, saying myself that making a 30 day challenge of acknowledgement of me and the beauty I be couldn't be that bad and what I discovered went way much over what I could have expected in this area. For many years I heard my dad telling me over and over again How much amazing I be and that sort of built big barriers between me and this beauty. But after several choices I made and seeing all these beautiful people (men & woman) acknowledging themselves day after day gave me the strength to start looking at the beauty I truly be. Today, I'm at a place where I truly desire to see this beauty being unlocked in people, for we can just together start to make this planet a greater place to live Harmoniously. Today, I'm grateful for this movement and wonder how much easily it will grow and free people from their shells.

What grand, glorious and harmonious future can we now choose, that is now available, allowing beauty to shine from within anything?
~ Pénélope Foulquier #IAmBeauty, France

The energy of I Am Beauty is something I always known was possible,
always been looking for and always asked for - kind, supporting and extremely potent beings getting together creating something so magical- it becomes totally unstoppable.

For me, joining the challenges and really looking at this topic has changed my whole reality. To see and acknowledge the beauty and the gift that I be, in a space where there is people that actually have my back, has been amazing and so empowering.
I wonder what ripple effect the I Am Beauty energy can create, when we take it out in the world?!?!

From my point of view - a tsunami of kindness and allowance that empowers people to finally step up to be all of them, all the beauty, all the potency, all the kindness, all the creativity - without any doubts. Imagine the contribution that we can be to each other when we function from that space. Imagine the 10.000 people in consciousness also choosing the energy of I Am Beauty....☺️ #nowordsneeded Just a HUGE smile, which says it all ❤
~ Linda Pettersson, Sweden

I Am Beauty created an opportunity for many individuals to become immersed several activities within a safe environment. It was there where they were prompted to explore many aspects of their being and to acknowledge and accept themselves without judgment and receive themselves in totality. The end results that the group created became so much more.

For the first time, I was able to see the magnificence in me. So many times I have done things and took myself for granted and did not realize that it was the way I BE that made everything about ME so magical. Now, I can actually look in the mirror and smile knowing that by just being me gives others the inspiration that allows them to be as magnificent as they BE…and now that I am given an opportunity to show others a different view from another perspective that will allow THEM to BE as well. How does it get better than that?
~ Tiffany Theen, Sarasota, FLORIDA...USA

If you would have met me a couple years ago...a lady that could not find her place in the world. Moving, career change, relationship replacement; nothing would have change the dark place i was in. I found a system that finally worked for me. The system allowed me to find myself, then be okay in the space and skin that I truly BE-without judgement! I found others that played in this system as well, it worked for them! I could see their happiness, i could see their glow, I could see them BE exactly as they chose to BE-and a group that accepted and encouraged them to BE in the space that was who the universe designed them to be. I chose that for myself. Then the I Am Beauty Challenges came into existence.. I didn't know if an online video was in my reality, but i played, then played even more, got brave enough to post a video of parts and aspects of ME I was always afraid to expose. Guess what happened? Acceptance, appreciation, encouragement, NO judgement! I post more and more, participated in encouraging others in the group, which was a gift for me, to give is bliss! Why do I support the I Am Beauty movement? More than anything, is for my two teenagers. My son can identify "a beautiful Camaro," or when he's hunting, a "beautiful buck in the clearing." What will it take for him to break any barrier so he can see the BEAUTY in everyone, everything? My daughter is a strong young lady making her way, I'd like to empower her with the knowledge that she IS A BEAUTY inside and out, and to see beauty in ALL others as well. My experience with I Am Beauty is so much larger than beauty. It has opened the opportunity to SEE everyone in a different set of eyes! We are all vulnerable, we all have scars, we all have something going on. But in supporting each other, is where i find the true "beauties!"
~ Leigh Pfeifer, Pierce, Nebraska

I don't even remember how I rolled into I Am Beauty in the autumn last year. But I do remember all the awesome questions that were asked and how that shifted things for me. It came on my path because I had been asking for it. I came from a place of judgement and bad self esteem and self worth. I used to criticize everything and everyone, putting them down, probably with the purpose of lifting myself up above my own criticism. I had already started to change things after the biggest relationship disaster and blessing in disguise in my life, by telling myself I loved me, but those questions turned every stone upside down. All the places where I did not love myself yet. And it was an invitation to start loving them. I was used to being seen as an object, easy to manipulate and very afraid of not being loved. The I Am Beauty movement helped me to see my own beauty inside and out, to see the queen that I am, but also the incredible lives that other people live, their challenges and their incredible talents and beings. The vulnerability in the group is high and so beautiful, because everyone supports everyone. It's a nourishing environment. It's open and without judgment. Without jealousy, without those typical group processes that you see everywhere else. It's helped people to step out of their comfort zone and whenever they did that, they were being cheered on, which inspired them to take even bigger leaps.

I perceive a lot of fear in the country where I live. Fear of disturbing others, fear of just being yourself, of being good enough, fear of taking responsibility and standing for your choices and opinions. I know that we're not the only country that is dealing with this and that's why I love to have become an ambassador in this beauty movement. It is showing so many different views on beauty and all the possibilities if we just dare to be us and shine, inspiring others to do the same! And it's covering the whole world!! Amazing!! We are really changing the world!! How does it get any better than this??? What else is possible now??
~ Jessica Gorlee, Sweden

Having been overweight for most of my life, beauty isn't something I saw in myself very easily. Even having lost the weight, I continued to judge myself. For allowing myself to be 'that' in the first place...like that defined me.

Each day I would look in the mirror, confronted by the surface stuff. Unable to receive the beauty that I truly be.

The physical beauty, yes...and more. So much more.

When I joined I am Beauty, the walls I'd built started to crumble. I saw pieces of me that i'd never seen before. I began receiving me in a way I'd never received me before. I started to let people in.

My friends. My husband.
After a challenging year - making myself less than...unworthy...I allowed him to hug me again. To love me again. Small things.
Small things that have transformed my reality.
I am beauty. I know that.
I see beauty. Everywhere.
I be beauty. Just being me.

And how did I get so lucky?
~ Shayna Louise Fernando, Queensland Australia

I have been taking Access classes and facilitating for many years. I was there when the specialty classes were first created. While I liked the idea of playing in all of those areas, I didn't actually choose to. Then I came across the I Am Beauty group. Their kindness, inclusion, contribution, and empowerment really resonated with me… this is what I’d like the world to be.

To me, beauty is a generative, kind, and nurturing energy. People have told me that I create beauty wherever I go. Each day I have the pleasure of playing with the energies of gemstones and gold, inviting people to step into beauty through my jewelry. I sense what will contribute to their bodies. I love facilitating them to allow their inner beauty shine forth and be seen.

Although I have created beauty all around me most of my life, it wasn’t till joining the #IAmBeauty group that I actually felt included in it. Beauty includes me! It includes and invites us all! Then a greater sense of connection, oneness, and people truly having your back, flooded into my awareness.

When I acknowledge that I am beauty, it not only empowers me, but invites others as well. Let’s contribute to more people opening to the beauty they truly be.

I wonder what adding this as a new specialty to Access will create in the world?
~ Julie Tuton, San Francisco

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Oct 4th 2019 Time 6:00pm-8:00pm