Becoming a Certified Facilitator

Are you ready to become a Certified Access Facilitator?

Has Access Consciousness® changed your life? Would you like even more change?  Would you like to empower others to know that they know?
Would you like to own your own business being an Access Consciousness Facilitator? What if this could be something you add to your life that creates more for you and everyone?

As a Certified Facilitator you will be able to facilitate Foundation Classes, Bars Classes, Access Tasters, Bars Gifting & Receiving and any classes you create on a specific subject with permission from Gary Douglas or Dr. Dain Heer.

As a Certified Facilitator you are stepping into being a contribution to more consciousness being available on this planet and to everyone who chooses it.

This is a huge gift to opening up a greater possibility for the end of limitation, destruction and judgment on this planet — or at the very least to begin to change the world we live in now.

You’re already a catalyst for change. Is now the time to BE this and BE the difference you are?

We look forward to creating with you in the infinite possibilities of something greater for us all.

How To Become A Certified Facilitator

1. In order to become a Certified Facilitator for the first time you need to take these classes:

  • 2 Access Bars classes* 
  • 2 The Foundation classes* (former Foundation/Level 1)
  • 2 Choice of Possibilities classes (former Level 2&3) – One (1) of the Choice of Possibilities classes must have been completed within the last 12 months from the start date of the Facilitators Training.
  • Energetic Synthesis of Being Class
  • Symphony of Possibilities Advanced Training
  • One (1) 3-day Body Class

* Note: You can do one round of Access Bars and The Foundation classes, and then a second round. You don't have to take two Access Bars classes before taking The Foundation.

2. In addition you are required to purchase and listen to the following Telecall Series and Telecalls with Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer:

  • The 10 Commandments Telecall Series
  • The Need & Tug Telecall Series
  • The Distractor Implant Telecall Series
  • The Deal and Deliver Telecall
  • The Deal & Deliver For Your Life 3-part Telecall series

3. In addition you are required to purchase and read the Access Reference Materials.
You can do this after you have completed the Choice of Possibilities Class (former Level 2&3).

4. In addition you are also required to purchase and read the book OR listen to the Telecall Series of:

  • Salon des Femmes
  • The Gentlemen’s Club

5. NEW REQUIREMENT: Attend or purchase from the shop the most recent Global Foundation class. This counts as one of the two Foundation classes required to become a CF.


Time to purchase your CF materials?

Online replays, telecalls, teleseries and books are all there for you!

Do you have all this in place? Are you ready?

Then please register and attend the 5 day Access Facilitators class! This is offered three times a year; in August in Costa Rica, in December in Australia and in March in Europe.

Once you register, we will send you more information. 

Annual Renewal Requirements:

How would you renew your Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator License?

  • NEW REQUIREMENT: Facilitate one The Foundation class within 12 months from the start date of the Facilitators training
  • NEW REQUIREMENT: Attend the Global Foundation annual rewrite class with Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer each year.
  • Attend one Choice of Possibilities class within the 12 months preceding the Certified Facilitator class.
  • Attend one Certified Facilitators Training each year.
  • Complete the Annual Online Survey before the first day of Certified Facilitators Training class.
  • Complete any new CF Prerequisites.

Please note: These requirements can change at any time and there may be additional requirements as Access Consciousness changes all the time and we would like you to be at the creative edge of consciousness. 

Welcome to starting to create new reality!

Find more information and sign up fo the required classes to become a Certified Facilitator here.