Elsbeth Hanson

Elsbeth Hanson

Elsbeth Hanson

Hello and welcome to my page. I'm so grateful for you dropping by!

Access has transformed my life in ways I could never imagine.

My whole life I struggled with depression, anxiety, a love-hate relationship with food, the battle with perfection... and as a result chronic self judgement!

Horses have always been my saviour. For a very long time the only place I could truly be me and feel safe was on the back of a horse or in the company of them. Interesting as, here in the UK anyway, the horse-world is riddled with judgement and interesting points of view! It's as if they protected me from everything and provided a shield. I am blessed to have so many beautiful horses who support and encourage me on my journey. 

Throughout my successful corporate career in project management I would contort myself and cut off my arms and legs to ensure I would fit inside the corporate box. I was guided by my seniors to tread the well worn path....to burnout!

Access Consciousness has shown me there is a different way in business and life. A joyful, nurturing, creative way that embraces each of us as we truly be. A way that empowers us to contribute to this planet in the biggest and best way we know how.

Through using the tools of Access Consciousness I am able to see the magic and the gift that I am. To trust my knowing and love me, all of me. I'm not perfect - what is that anyway?

I love using these same tools to enable those looking for a different possibility in their lives and to free them from the judgement that is rife in this reality.

Please get in touch if you would like a private session or to find out more about the classes I facilitate:

  • Access Bars
  • Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Intro
  • Access Conscious Intro classes on Money, Business and many other topics

I look forward to meeting you in person one day.

With love,

Elsbeth x

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