Fiona Cutts

Fiona Cutts

Fiona Cutts

Hello Beautiful You!!!

Thank you so much for coming to look at my page. I am grateful!!!

Most likely you are like me in that you know something different is possible, something beyond the mundane, medicore, dull lives that people lead where people seem to value survival over creating a life that they really love!

It's now about 5 years since I first found the tools of Access Consciousness, and my whole life has changed, beyond what I ever thought was possible for me! 

I love sharing these powerful, simple, quick tools with people - there is a speed and ease to transformation that I adore!


Please check out my class list for what and where I am facilitating.


I facilitate many different classes, and also offer private sessions in person in the North of England or where I am faciltiating classes, or by online wherever you are in the world.


- Bars

- Foundation

- Right Voice for You Intro classes, 1 day classes and 3 day classes

- Monthly "clearing" evenings in the North of the UK on various different subjects - message me for information as these may not be on the website here

- Bars shares

- Free online classes on different subjects

- Private sessions (1 hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes) to allow you to change what isn't working for you and create the life you would love to be living


Give me a call if you would like to talk about any of this ar visit my Facebook Page Phenomenance with Fiona for more possibilities 


Below is more information about me and my journey to the amzing life I am enjoying now!



14 years ago, I woke up with a cold - annoying as I was studying hard for an MA.

Actually, this was the beginning of six years of low energy, brain fog, inability to exercise or do much else - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

And then a few years later, when I found out about healing work, and was willing to look at what had got me tired in the first place, my transformational journey started in earnest.

I trained as an energy healer, became lots better, set up an energy healing practice, and it wasn't enough................................

I somehow knew that this transformation journey could be faster, easier and more fun. My own life was great, particualrly when you consider where I had come from, and I knew that way more was possible.

That's when I was introduced to the tools of Access Consciousness.

Very quickly, I trained in the Bars, did more classes, and then knew I wanted to bring these amazing tools into the world way more. And I became a Certified Faciltiator in 2014, and a Right Voice For You Faciltiator shortly after that.

My journey from extreme and debilitating fatigue to a really full life, which continues to grow and expand, contains many different threads. Here are a few, which I hope you will enjoy reading about.


JOY. I was so joyful as a child, and that somewhere got shut down in me, and I became serious and a worrier. Almost impossible to believe now! I have a level of JOY at being alive that people tell me is infectious! And as I use the tools of Access Consciousness more and more, that continues to grow. Amazing!

MY VOICE and daring to express myself. I was debiltiatingly shy, and found it hard to even be in a room full of people, let alone speak in front of them.  it takes a lot of energy to suppress your voice!!! Of course this has changed so much that I now adore facilitating Right Voice for You  - this is more change than is supposed to be possible.

MY BODY. My shyness extended to my body. I hated people looking at me, I felt like I wanted to hide away. I also disliked movement and dancing - although I am petite, I used to be really inflexible, and I had no sense of rhythm. This has changed so completely, that dancing is one of the things I adore to do. The body processes and verbal processes of Access Consciousness and of Right Voice for You have changed all of this to the point where I have way more flexibility in my body than at any other point in my life, and I love moving and dancing - even when people are watching me!

FOOD. I am so slim people have a hard time believing I ever had a problem with food and overeating. And yet I did. I get that I used food to suppress my emotions, and also because I was totally bored on this beautiful planet, and didn't have a way to change it. Different aspects of the tools of Access Consciousness have got me to the point where I (mainly!) eat the amount of food my body desires, and am actually present with it and enjoy it.

NOT valuing me. I found it impossible to see the greatness of me, and was always looking to others for external validation. Of course, they can never give you that! Again, the magical processes of Access Consciousness, along with a demand in my world, have really changed that for me.


There is of course much more. And what I love about using these tools is that I know I will continue to shift, expand and transform some more!!!!! 

I feel so very fortunate to have found these tools, and if any of this resonates with you, I would love to see you in a class or a session or have a chat with you.


With JOY


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After the latest Access Consciousness Facilitators class - an amazing class, where I felt so much support, kindness and caring - I wonder what is really possible when we support each other?