Getting Out of Need & Into Intimacy

Most of time we associate intimacy with sex or intimate relationships, yet not many people are talking about having intimacy with you.

Intimacy is not about sex at all. It’s actually about a caring, kindness, presence and generosity with you that then allows you to be that with others.


7 Steps To Change How You Function With Money

Most people have spent their lives with difficulty around money, whether it's spending too much, not having enough, or trying to figure out what's wrong with them if they don't have money. Yet none of that has to do with what money, wealth and abundance is truly about.


The Ten Keys to Total Freedom

The Ten Keys to Total Freedom is a 21 day program designed to give you simple tools to apply to any area of your life that you’d like to change. These tools have the wonderful ability to change and contribute to any area of your life as your start to use them, live from them, and incorporate them into how you function in the world.


Body Whispering - A Very Different Healers Handbook

Whether you are a massage therapist, a doctor, psychologist, physical therapist or practice any sort of energetic or physical modality, this course is designed to facilitate you to a way of being with your clients that creates more change than you thought was possible and to have more fun doing it than you may have imagined.


This journey is about rediscovering and reinventing you. The beauty of this is that as you start to rediscover you, you start to live from a sense of having fulfillment and gratitude for you. You start to create your life and living in the way you’ve always wanted to. If you’ve given up on you or pushed your life to the side, let’s use these tools together to bring to the surface the authentic you, you know is possible.