Total Ease with Money - Intro

Money is one of the most important issues in our world. It is a very strong energy and is made very significant. No money = no life: this is what many people function from.

  • What would your life be like if you had total ease with money rather than being in lack of it?

  • What if money was the result of your creation rather than the source of it?

  • What if everything you do and create in your life would not depend on money anymore?

  • What if you were the valuable product, and not money?

This advanced money class will teach you some incredible tools to have total ease with money, to create a life you have always desired.

An inspiration for choosing more, for asking more…

A demand to live beyond lack, beyond need and beyond every imitation you have ever decided money is.

This Taster Class is during the second night of Choice of Possibilities in Lyon, France and is free for those attending the class.  
or 75 Euro for those not in the COP