Csilla Wunderle-Krátky

Csilla Wunderle-Krátky

Csilla Wunderle-Krátky

I love Access Consciousness! By using the tools of Access Consciousness our whole life has changed totally. It is much more joy, fun and ease :-) We love using and sharing our exampleas (we have a lot:-) in which areas of our life has changed and how. Like, relationships, money situation, business, body, health, etc...

We are happy and keen to share these tools and how to add more to your life. How to be the invitation and the contribution to others and to the whole Wolrd! What future would you desire to create? What future would you desire to live in? Is it the time ?
Did you ever ask yourself?

What would it take for me to live a life, that I can only dream about?
How could I change and improve the money situation that I am in?
What would be the right job for me, where I can naturally excel?
In which ways can I improve my relationship?
What is right about my body, that I don't get?

We are here to show you the many ways, ACCESS BARS, ACCESS FACELIFT, THE FOUNDATION, and our Specialty Classes like : YOUR ACOUSTICAL BODY, JOYFUL RELATIONSHIPS, 100% COMMITTED, BREAKING OUT OF THE PRISON OF ABUSE and more classes can invite you to transform each aspect of your life...
...to live the life you desire, the way you desire.



Access Bars classes 
The Foundation classes 


Energetic Facelift classes
TTTE Intro and Beginning


Your Acoustical Body 2.5 days

Joyful Relationships 3 days

100% COMMITTED 4 hours

Breaking out of the Prison of Abuse 4 hours


Zoom calls, online classes

Gifting & Receiving and 

1-on-1 sessions 

...with ease & joy & glory, 

Csilla & Rocco

You can find more details about us and our events at:


P.S: ...and in what other ways can We be the contribution to your amazing journey? 
If you would like to invite us to your country/city to hold one of - or more of our Specialty or Core classes, please feel free to contact us via europeanhealingcentre@gmail.com
We are happy to be the invitation and contribution:-) 
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“Who are you without your stories ? :-)”

- Csilla Wunderle-Kratky