Mira Claire

Mira Claire

Mira Claire

My Access Story:
It took me three times seeing the flier before I showed up! When I did, I realized that there was something different, and what did she keep saying? Poc what?
I took the Bars class, wasn't so impressed but something inside said keep going. I had taken every Energy Medicine class under the sun, studied every modality there is, (BodyTalk, Reiki, The Reconnection, Matrix Energetics, Theta Healing) and learned how to do someone else's gift really well. I was struggling with my own private practice as a ""healer"", I was $20,000 in debt, suffered from depression, and was really good at doubting myself! Wow! All that is so heavy!
During the Foundation class I had a profound moment that changed everything for me. I literally watched the room turn upside down, untwist, as my whole point of view changed and I was unlocked. For the first time I felt a FREEDOM that I had never known. From that point forward I was hooked!

After a year I have paid off my debt, I stopped feeling depressed, self doubt is still there BUT now I know it isn't real and I started living a life of wonderment of how this universe really works!

I feel such gratitude for Access Consciousness, Gary and Dain for the BEings they be and being a space of no judgment and they expect me to be ME and the gift that I truly BE. Those are a lot of BEeeeees!
I love playing in the energy of POSSIBILITIES, with the energy of Bars, the body processes, SOP, and especially Right Body For You  and what else is possible!

If who I am excites your being, YIPPEEE! Come play with me! How much more fun can we have!

Ooooo invite me to come play in your town! 

How many orgasmic moments can you have today?!

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