Rachel Aires

Rachel Aires

Rachel Aires

Former scientist among many other things, with a technology degree, I have a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, I am a folk healer and a tantric therapist.

Nowadays I prefer to introduce myself as a joy mage. I never imagined that before Access.

Before my first Access class, always curious I took other classes, for example Theta Healing classes, and never imagine working with what I do now. And then, there I was less than 2 months after my first Access class, taking a 3-day body class and thinking: This is so natural and fun for me, I want to do that.

This lifetime I was born in Brazil, have lived in many different places and live in Brasilia now. I have moved here because I use to work for the government, I quit that job early 2019 after some months of Access, a safe and dream job for many not for me.

I love changes and is so much easier to do it now that I have Access tools. I am finally truly choosing, following happiness instead of rightness.

Am I a contribution for you? 

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