Rebecca Stephens

Rebecca Stephens

Rebecca Stephens

Hi!  I just want to say, "Access Consciousness® changed my life!!!"  I am beyond this reality grateful.  It is my desire to help people change their lives and create a greater, and better, world!  I do that by introducing them to possibility, questions, awareness and letting them know they have a choice to change anything and everything they desire.

I started with these 3 questions:

"What else is possible?"

"How does it get any better than this?"

"What are you willing to receive?"  

I began asking (questions) over and over and over again - especially - "What are you wiling to receive?"    Asking questions brought me more Awareness.  I was searching for something and come to find out:   I was searching for ME!  For most of my life, I believed there was something wrong with me.  I changed who I was for everyone else to feel comfortable.  I made things easy for everyone.

What if you could find and Be more of You?  What if there was never anything wrong with you either?

What if there is more possible and more available to you - for you - than you could possibly imagine?

I'll have that!  Will you join me?

Email me to connect -

or Look me up on Facebook

Call or text me +1-616-510-6525

Some of my favorite things to do:  Attend Access Consciousness Classes, Facilitate Access Classes, Host Bars Exchanges, Host Facelift exchanges, gifting and receiving Access Bars, host POPs, travel, write, read, learn, grow, and more.  Would you enjoy eploring consciousness and more with me?

Without Judgment,



Are you interested in hosting me for an Access  class in your area?  I like to travel and facilitate classes!  If this is something you've been asking for contact me!  Let's chat, ask questions, and change the world!  What else is possible?


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“"All of life comes to me with Ease, Joy, and Glory!"®”

- Rebecca Stephens