ENGLISH EDITION: Being You – The Online Adventure | Part 2: Your Body – The Adventure of Living

Welcome to Your Body – the Adventure of Living!


Part 2 of Being You – the Online Adventure. Presented by the Being You Facilitators.

Being You is not a purple pill you swallow – it is a continuous creation, choice and adventure. It is part of every area of your reality – you’re being you with money, with your body and in all your darn relationships.

The Being You Facilitators are inviting you to explore these three areas during the next three months, giving you tools and perspectives than can create more ease and joy for you in navigating each and every one of them.

This month we’re diving into:

Your Body – The Adventure of Living

What if your body was your very own guide to the adventure of living? Your body is a sensational, sensory organism designed to give you information all the time! What if yours and other’s bodies actually talk to you constantly – and you just haven’t had the tools to hear them until now?

We’ll meet three times a month, online via Zoom, for around 1.5 hours. You can join for one month, or all three.

We also have a FrenchGermanPortugueseSpanish, and Swedish edition of this series!

What if the journey to being who you truly are is the greatest adventure you will ever go on?


3 online calls via Zoom




83 EUR  Note: Please contact the host to get a payment link for the class. Do Not pay through the website.

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