Is your horse having difficulty and not responding to conventional treatment or techniques? Are conventional approaches to be being with horses not working for you?

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider workshops can really give you a different outlook on what else is possible!

What if horses could be listened to in a totally different way? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to truly understand them?  Whether you’re a great rider, or afraid to come close to a horse, Conscious Horse Conscious rider classes will give you more insights and changes in the way you see and be with horses!

I learned about my horse; but I learned about me from my horse as well.

Brendon Watt

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Introduction Classes

Have you ever wondered if there were tools and techniques that could provide you with the ability to have more understanding and better connection to a horse? An Introduction to Conscious Horse Conscious Rider is a 2 to 4 hour taste of the Conscious Horse Conscious Rider workshop. It will provide you with an insight into just how many tools you would be getting in the 2 day clinic. Here you will get a sense of the possibilities available with horses. How can horses contribute to you? What can you learn about you through horses? Whether you a competent rider, or afraid of horses, this introduction will open the door to trust what you already know and to nudge you beyond your comfort level.

The Conscious Horse Conscious Rider 2-Day Workshop

Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider is a 2-day journey into creating a greater connection with horses. You will receive many tools and processes for changing anything that may come up for you and the horse. The facilitation tools of this class are very different from anything you have participated in before and are truly honoring of both horses and people. The changes that show up are profound and lasting.

Facilitator Training

Gary Douglas and Suzy Godsey offer the facilitators class for Conscious Horse Conscious Rider. These classes do not occur every year, the last facilitators class was held in August of 2018. This 3-day class is designed to give you the skills to facilitate Conscious Horse Conscious Rider classes yourself.

To become a CHCR Facilitator: 

  • Be a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator (to facilitate people and their animals it is required that you have the skill set of the Access Consciousness tools, so you can be 'interesting point of view' when people make their problems with the animals significant)
  • Two 2-day CHCR classes by two different Facilitators
  • Attend a CHCR Facilitator Training

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