Alina Stoian

Alina Stoian

Alina Stoian

I am so grateful for you taking the time to read this, dear wonderful You!

Have you ever wondered what would your life become if you knew (without a shadow of a doubt) that everything was about choice? YOUR choice! Would you choose more ease every day? Would you choose to be happy? Would you simply choose… differently?

Right here and now, I would like to extend to you an invitation, maybe an unusual one as such: Would you agree to start looking for questions more than you would look for answers from now on? I can tell you that this way of functioning brought more ease in my daily being with the world and I wonder what infinite and joyful possibilities would this create for You?

On the same personal level, the encounter with the Bars®, Energetic Facelift techniques and all the Access Consciousness® classes, tools and processes that I have been exposed so far, brought me “back home, again” – a nurturing, cozy place where I am not wrong by being me no matter what I do and choose. And this is the space where I would like to invite you to come and play (this is what you will also hear Dr. Dain Heer – the co-creator of Access Consciousness® say a lot) and see for yourself that it IS possible to have happiness and ease in your life when you choose it!

I am a Bars® & Facelift® Facilitator (BF, AFF), based in Bucharest, and I happily facilitate Bars® & Facelift® classes, do 1-1 Bars® and Facelift sessions, host Bars® swaps and organize introductory sessions about Access® & the Bars®. We can easily play in English or Romanian, whichever it’s more fun for you.

Although I live in Bucharest at the moment, I am totally open to and would welcome invitations to facilitate Bars® & Facelift for groups outside my hometown, be it in Romania or abroad. How much joy and magical transformation can we bring into our lives by getting together and how fast would they appear?
I post the classes in various places: on this website under the “Classes” heading, on my own website and on my Facebook page. However, if the days I have scheduled do not work for you, please let me know and we will arrange something else, mutually beneficial. Everything is possible, all there is need is to ask ;) 

We can chat on or


Thank you for reading this, and I hope to see you soon!

Can’t wait to start creating with you beyond what we have both imagined could be possible! How does it get any better than this?®

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