Gabrielle Vena

Gabrielle Vena

Gabrielle Vena

What will it take for you to choose for you; to choose what would be joyful and expansive for you, your body and your life?

If it’s not working it can change as if by magic and therein lies the gift of the tools of Access Consciousness!  Shifting things can be so much quicker and easier than we have ever been taught.   I should know, these tools have allowed me to re-create my life and have fun doing it!

What if you can create your life with ease and joy too? Let me show you a different possibility...


I am a seeker , a visionary, a creator, a daughter, a sister, an auntie of magnitude, a friend, a fantastic home cook, a bad crafter, a lover of great food, a guitar player, a skier, a healer, an adventure creator, an energy alchemist and am unwilling to let limitations or judgments stop me from showing up fully in my own life (at least not for long!).

Do I always be everything I can as fully and joyfully as is possible? No, not always, and thanks to the tools of Access I embody it more than most people and I have them at my disposal to change any wonkiness, stuckness or yuckiness and open up a space from which I can choose something different.  How does it get better than that?

I discovered Access Consciousness in 2011 and haven't looked back.  I am one of those people who has tried and have had some success with a lot of other modalities and practices, but nothing I have done has been quite like this. Everything has changed from my inner experience to my health-- things that I knew were possible to shift, but I just didn't know how. As a healer (and formerly a psychotherapist), I have never experienced anything as dynamic as the tools and processes of Access Consciousness for shifting what isn't working into something that does.

I have a gift for seeing not only how people present themselves, but also the beauty, talent and gift that people truly be and may not even realize is there. One of my greatest pleasures is facilitating individuals to not only see and acknowledge what I know about them, but also to be the expression of it in the world.  Using my intuitive abilities, 20 years of experience working with people and drawing strongly from the tools of Access Consciousness® I facilitate individual clients and groups to actualize their desires and shift anything that is in the way.  Whether it be in individual sessions, classes or ongoing intensives I empower clients to know what they know and to become the powerhouse of change in their own lives that is unstoppable.

What does your body know that you haven’t acknowledged?

Would choosing to have your Bars run or take a Bars class (so you can share it with others) create more of that for you? Would taking The Foundation or a Body class expand your awareness?

What change would you like to create? 

What is possible beyond what you have imagined?


Please contact me with any questions, to schedule a session or request a class.

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“Freewill means that the Universe never judges, never interferes with your own choices - and sees you as a being of equal creative power.”

- Joy Page


Cursurile mele

Clasa Access Bars®

Access Bars reprezintă baza și fundamentul Access Consciousness. Acesta poate fi punctul de plecare al unei aventuri minunate și poate fi ceva ce poate fi adăugat la viața voastră, care vă va ajuta să creați o ușurință mai mare cu orice. Bars sunt 32 de bare de energie care circulă prin și în jurul capului, care reprezintă diferite aspecte ale vieții. Atingeți un punct de Bars și începeți să îndepărtați energia închisă în acea zonă sau aspect al vieții, doar atingând-o.


Această clasă demolează fundația limitării în care te-ai gândit că trebuie să trăiești ca și cum credeai că nu ai nicio altă alegere! Este facilitată de facilitatori Access Consciousness certificați din întreaga lume și este o explorare intensă de 4 zile a ceea ce este posibil. Clasa creează conștientizarea din fundația conștientizării pe care nu ai folosit-o încă în viața ta!