Michele Follis

Michele Follis

Michele Follis

One of the things I know for sure is life doesn't need to be near as complicated as we've made it to be.  Nor does it have to be miserable.

What if you woke up happy more days than not? What if you slept well, had less body aches and simply functioned from a place where the glass is half-full, and getting fuller - just because. What if you had gorgeous healthy relationships and surrounded yourself with things and beauty that contributed to your body and well being?

After all - EVERYTHING - is energy.
Now let's be clear...I'm not making any claims. :-)

​But I can say that 6+ years ago I began incorporating the tools of Access Consciousness® into my life and I've never looked back. I used to have TMJ, stress out about what to eat or not to eat, the environment, the state of the world - all kinds of things that when you add them up, create a lot of angst in one's day. They distracted me from me from joy!

It's not that my life is perfect, but it sure is delicious the majority of the time. And when it's not - I know what is required to shift out of it. Through a combination of body work, energetic clearings and pragmatic tools, when shit hits the fan there's a level of ease in my world I wouldn't trade for anything. And the good news is...this is available to anyone! 

​This site, the services and classes I offer are an invitation to let go of those things in your life that you've decided are 'hard' - that don't work - and that you cannot change. This is an invitation to receive the gift of something greater - whatever that is for you. All you have to do is take that first step and choose.

And if life is amazing already, first of all - Yay! This body of work exponentializes those generative, expansive energies even more! When you begin to see there truly are no problems (yes - I said that) everything becomes a possibility!




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“"You are the gift. Please. Make no one or nothing else the source outside of you."”

- Dain Heer, Seattle 2017