Chelsey Dalzell

Chelsey Dalzell

Chelsey Dalzell

Hello world! 

How does it get any better than this? 

My name is Chelsey Dalzell, I am a Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousenss, Talk To The Entitites Ceritified Facilitator, self proclaimed Gypsy of Consciousness and the Creative Director for Shannon O'Hara and Talk To The Entities (TTTE). How did I get so freaking lucky? 

I am beyond grateful to prance about this beautiful planet, creating with the most powerful tools I have ever discovered (the magical tools of Access® and TTTE) ....

What energy, space and consciousness can us and our bodies be for life to be greater than we can possibly imagine with total ease? 

 xo Chelsey 


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“Leadership is going where you’re going no matter what. No matter who’s with you or who sees it - Gary Douglas”