Shivam Saxena

Shivam Saxena
Shivam Saxena is a path breaker, a game changer, and an avid explorer of possibilities for greater more magical life!
Having advanced international degrees and over 15 years of experience in successfully launching business for clients that included international banks, global law firms, global food chains and other multinational conglomerates all over the world, she takes keen delight in interacting with diverse and creative people, and has a knack of seeing possibilities and potentials in the impossibles, be it businesses or people. A true global citizen, with a never give up attitude for life, what gives her most joy is exploring possibilities of creating a happier and greater world for everybody, including you!

As she says - "I dont recall exactly when I looking for a different way of doing things, and acknowledging I am different. Knowing and being aware was so normal for me, that I would be stunned why others couldn't see the obvious truths here (it was after coming to access I realised, being aware is a choice too!). As a child, I always knew what was going to come in the exam next day. I remember I used to spend a good hour looking at the table of contents of the text book, to see what was important for me to study to clear the exams. I was surprised when others didnt do that. I always started things last minute, and always finsihed in time. Basically my growing up my life was stranger and it got stranger after that. 

One thing that always gave me joy was talking to people, coming up with ideas to fix their problems and making things happen. I am not so much invested in saving people, thank god for that! I do enjoy having insane, weird conversations with people. Nothing people say is weird or abnormal for me,  ever! I just believe each individual is as unique, like each snowflake is and people have their unique magic. "

I love facilitating Access classes, because they give me a way to reach out to people and show them that magical joyful living is possible. People dont have to give up, they just have to Step Up.

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“If you don't create yourself, the world will!”

- Dr Dain Heer