Selena Ardelean

Selena Ardelean

Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach when life presented you with opportunities you knew were speaking to your heart?

Have you ever felt like singing, dancing, dressing up, laughing without reason?

When was the last time you felt you were amazingly great and powerful and that everything was possible?

This is how I felt when my friend asked me to 'run my Bars®'. She had just learned them and was willing to gift me a session. I thought... 'Well, she needs the practice, I'm her friend. Friends help each other, right?' It took 15 minutes, to literally change the course of my life. 'It's just a taster' she told me at the end of my Bars® session. And I was completely blown away. I sat on my couch looking at her with amazed eyes. 'What has just happenned?' My head was empty! There was no thought, no rambling, no monkey chatter. I felt 20kgs lighter and at peace. I started to laugh like I haven't done in years, with the easyness of a child - my Bars were running big time. 'You can learn it too' she added amused. And I did!

My name is Selena Ardelean. Born in Romania, I emigrated to Belgium to follow my husband in 2004. Wife, mother of three young boys (of a cat and a dog as well), igniter of sparkles, enhancer of light, healer,  Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and so much more.

I know now I am an infinite being living in an infinite world of possibilities! And this makes me infinitely happy!

I've been on a quest of myself my whole life. For about 30 years  I believed that one needed to work hard in order to reach there where 's/he was supposed to reach'; that I needed to work harder than anybody else to prove the world I was worthy of it; that the harder the road got, the more significant the results were; that one needed to have goals in life and go for them, clench the teeth and do whatever was needed to be done. Life was a battle, I'd better win at it! It was the only way I knew how to function. I would tick goals off my list, I would burn myself down in the process, I would not let go and I almost never felt happy. I've been working 'on' myself, never fully embracing myself. I kept missing something...

Until the summer of 2017 when I witnessed my son almost drown in the gorgeous turquoise waters of the Maldivian Shark Point reef. No worries, he's fine, nothing happenned... and everything happenned! From that moment on I choose to descend from my head to my body. What follows is a gorgeous unfolding journey towards the possibilities opening up to me.

I follow Joy across worlds. I empower people to walk in confidence towards their true self, aware-able-aligned. 

We are by now a 'barred family'. All of us, dog included. My husband, I and our oldest son (13 years) became practitioners while the other 2 sons (11 and 9 years old) enjoy regularly receiving the Bars from us or gifting them in exchange for money. Yes! They love money and the energy of ease and joy and glory with it.

Gifting and receiving Access Consciousness Bars® makes me feel fulfilled. It's like the soul-mind-body circle is now round. It feels like 'home' as it allows me and all the other people step into a space and energy of freedom, of non-judgement and full receiving of all life, of peace, calm, kindness and sparkling opportunities.

Being able to facilitate Access Consciousness Bars® Classes in English, Dutch, French and Romanian shifts my perception to a whole new level. What else is possible?®

On a personal note: I encourage all of you to have your Bars® run. Moreover, I encourage you to gift the Bars to your children and teenagers. Open the doors to infinite possibilites for them as well Now, your turn:

What would it take for you to be aware and open up to infinite choice and infinite possiblities? What contribution, space, energy, consciousness can you be for this world to become a better place, for you to become more, be more, have more, change more, shine more? How does it get any better than this?®

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