Interested In Becoming An Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator?

1. Check out the Becoming a Certified Facilitator Page for information and the specific classes required to become an Access Certified Facilitator.


2. Missing a class and can’t get to one in person? Most class prerequisites can be met by purchasing a replay through the shop. (Exceptions are 1 Bars class, 1 Foundation class and the 3-Day Body class, which all must be attended in person.)

  • 2 Access Bars classes - one must be live
  • 2 The Foundation classes -one must be live and one must be the most recent Global Foundation class
  • Energetic Synthesis of Being Class
  • Symphony of Possibilities Advanced Training
  • 2 Choice of Possibilities classes – One of the Choice of Possibilities classes must have been attended within the past 12 months from the start date of the Facilitators Training.
    NOTE: For a COP purchased from the Access shop, it is the start date of the class, not the date of purchase, that must be within the past 12 months.
    To see all COP classes, click here.

* Note: The selection of class replays in the carousel to the right are featured for your ease, though many more classes are available! To see all classes, please visit our Product Search page and click on the category listing (on the left) that you are searching for.

3. In order to become a Certified Facilitator for the first time, you are required to purchase and listen to the following Teleseries and Telecalls with Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer:


  • Shrinking Stupidity Teleseries (NEW! Required as of CF Costa Rica 2020!)
  • Feelings Nothing Truly Nothing More Teleseries (Required as of CF Rome 2020!)
  • The 10 Commandments Telecall Series
  • The Deal and Deliver Telecall
  • The Deal & Deliver For Your Life 3-part Telecall series
  • The Distractor Implant Telecall Series
  • The Need & Tug Telecall Series

Looking for translated versions? See them here! 

4. In addition you are required to purchase and read the Access Reference Materials. You can do this after you have completed the Choice of Possibilities Class.

Complete Set - includes both The Foundation and Choice of Possibilities Reference Materials * (both are required for CF pre-req)

Choice of Possibilities - is only COP

The Foundation - is only The Foundation

5. You are also required to purchase and read the book OR listen to the Telecall Series of:

  • Salon des Femmes
  • The Gentlemen’s Club

Check out translated versions here!