What Can You Learn From A Horse?


By the facilitators of Conscious Horse Conscious Rider 2 day classes



"Receiving from horses has changed the way I am being and showed me anything can change: thoughts, feelings and even physical problems.
I have learned from horses to be present, allowing everything to contribute to me. If you ask, they will create with you."

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"One of the things I’ve learned from horses is the power of being myself. That just by being me it’s possible to shift, heal, or change those around me. By acknowledging who I am everyday, my gratitude and love for myself has grown exponentially."

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"Horses are non-judgment and are mirrors. Working with horses, I communicate more effectively, manage my emotions, face my fears, and am more aware and present."

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"A horse has taught me about allowance. The horse will never judge me for who I am, he will be in total allowance of me, but if I show up not being me, the horse will not tolerate that, but will do whatever he can have me be all of me. Allowance is not being a doormat, and the horse can be the gift to totally getting that."

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"One thing you can learn from horses is to receive. They will gift to you if you are willing to receive and just be in the moment with them!"

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"Their willingness to be and do whatever is required with no point of view. My horse is willing to be the leader, the follower, the role model, the passive one, the aggressive one, and anything else required in the moment."

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"A horse can teach you how to be truly present with your body and your life. A horse can teach you how to trust your awareness and stop doubting yourself. A horse can teach you how to be a more joyful person and lighten up in your life."

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"You can learn everything from being present and connected with yourself, animals and the planet to how to lead, trust and have more patience and allowance. I also have learned how to have more joy and fun in my life."

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"Horses have a fundamental curiosity about us, about the world around them, about what’s available. If you let them, they will show you the greatness of you that you haven’t yet acknowledged."

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