Pragmatic Living – the Beginning – Intro

Welcome to Pragmatic Living – the Beginning – Intro!

What if the most pragmatic way to change things that don't work for you is to just create something different?

Do you ever feel like you don't fit in or that you are even a bit crazy? What if that craziness is your unique ability to create way beyond the box of this reality? What if that is exactly what is required to create everything you desire?

And what if you if every "crazy moment" is actually an awareness of something only you know? Are you willing to receive all of it?

And what if all those issues you call problems are actually a possibilities to change direction that you have not yet acknowledged?

Are you ready to start out-creating yourself and any crap that may come in your way?

What if the ease of creation comes from the willingness to be diligently, intensely and fiercely pragmatic?

Would you like to create a life where there is so much more ease that you know that you have to choose the ease you truly deserve?

At an intro class we look at what is not functioning for you by using the tools of Pragmatic Psychology to open up the possibilities you have available to change every part of your life you desire to with ease.

Žal nam je, trenutno ne najdemo ustrezajočih seminarjev ali dogodkov.

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