Stephanie Richardson

Stephanie Richardson

Stephanie Richardson

My name is Stephanie Richardson. I've been using the tools of Access Consciousness since the moment I heard the first tool in 2011. One of the things that inspires me about Access Consciousness is that it allows me to address the practical, everyday things that come up... but it also allows me to address the issues that are going on in the world that I care about. 

So many of the leaders, teachers and masters on the planet talk about us needing a change in consciousness, a change in consciousness is required for us to survive and flourish, they say.... 

Access Consciousness gives anyone who uses the tools the possibilitiy to have that change in consciousness for themselves. That change in consciousness is as contagious as a smile and the tools are as simple as asking a question and having the willingness to make a new choice.

My life was fine... I'd done a lot of work... but I was ready for something greater... what about you?

My target is to give clients dynamic tools that allow them to have choice with ease. In my own life, the darkest times were those in which I felt I had no choice, and not enough courage or oomph to make the choices I did have.

We are taught at a very young age to have the right answer. Coming to conclusions can be quite a hefty habit to break. One of the most dynamic tools is asking questions. As long as there is a question there can never be a dead end. You can always ask, "What's possible here that I haven't even considered?"

Whether it's a Bars Class, Foundation Class, Access Body Process Class, or an individual session, Access Consciousness is all about giving you the tools to know that you know. 

In private Access Bars sessions, we touch a series of points on the head that clear the electromagnetic components of thoughts feelings and emotions that get stored across time. People have reported feeling clearer, having more energy, more ease in their lives, less pain, less anxiety, less depression, sleeping better at night, feeling more creative and more.

In private Access Body Process sessions, we use some of the 65 different energies available to create transformation in the body and being. When we've locked emotions and points of view into the body, it can make it difficult to create the change you know is possible. Addressing where these energies are stuck in the body allows for more ease with change.

In private coaching sessions, we look at what you'd like to change or create, and then use a series of tools to create the change you're asking for. Using Access Consciousness tools to empower you to know what you know, we can uncover places where you've hit dead ends in the past or gotten stuck emotionally, mentally, or physically.

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