Surbhi Chawla

Surbhi Chawla

Surbhi Chawla

YOU know that happiness truly is just a choice and YOU know that YOU, YES, YOU, have that choice, to be happy. Don't believe me, do YOU? What if I say, just for once, join me (the weirdo :-) who has chosen this journey 3 years ago and has her HAPPY ON!! Have you heard of Access Bars? Try it. It might just change your life & living!  

YOU've found this page, reached this far. Congratulations! YOU truly are looking for change! So I welcome you to the beginning of a new reality! Only if YOU CHOOSE it! Everything is just a CHOICE! Really, I said 3 years ago when I heard Gary (the Founder of Access Consciouness) say it to someone. I laughed and said he doesn't know anything whats going on in my life, its easy for him. Fast forward 3 years, when someone says I cannot/ its not possible/ how will I, I say, its just a choice :-). Funny, ha!! It truly is funny, as life is supposed to be enjoyed but we have forgotten all about joy, laughter and fun. The mantra of Access is "All of Life Comes to Me With EASE, JOY & GLORY." CHOOSE and SEE! Hope to see you in person sometime!  

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