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Have you ever wondered why, no matter how many books you’ve read, classes or workshops you’ve attended, you’re still struggling with money? If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place because, in this ‘money’ workshop, we’re going to get to the bottom of it – because it’s the only place real change ever happens.

This workshop is focused on uncovering the real reason you’re not manifesting the cash or money you truly desire. You’re going to discover the Lies of Money that you’ve been living in, hiding behind, and trying without success to create from, as well as:

  • The 3 essential questions that will completely change your relationship with money
  • The 3 main Lies of Money responsible for creating a financial reality that is not actually you
  • Why you can’t create something you’re afraid of and how to stop
  • How clearing the lies of money expands into more choice, possibility and ease in all areas

These lies of money have nothing to do with actual cash or money, yet have everything to do with what you are currently using to create your ‘money flow’ – or lack thereof – in your bank account, portfolio, investments, checkbook, and in your pocket book right now. That’s why, right now, the lies of money are actualizing as your financial reality. Once you see them for what they are and how these lies of money have been hindering your financial progress – hindering your entire life – this cage of limitation will begin to collapse.

This class is about clearing them and setting that process in motion. When the lies of money dissolve, the truth of you will start to generate a whole new pathway of financial ease, abundance, and flow. So come get your money. . . because money in your hands will change the world. And isn’t that really why you’re here?

Join author, Access Consciousness® facilitator, and internationally recognized transformational healer Dr. Lisa Cooney for this 2-hour class where you will expose the lies of money that you’ve been living and unleash the ROAR of abundance in your life NOW.

Lies Of Money Taster

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