What is an Access Bars Facilitator?

Access Bars Facilitators are certified to teach the Access Bars class, provide private Access Bars sessions and host Access Bars Gifting & Receiving events.

Being an Access Bars Facilitator is one of the most valuable aspects of Access Consciousness. Access Bars is one of the most life changing processes Access has to offer and is the foundation of all of Access Consciousness.


Can you imagine a world where no one judges themselves or others as right or wrong, good or bad, but rather has total allowance for themselves and everyone and everything? How different would this world be if there was no value in judgment but rather the value was in people being present, being themselves, knowing what is true for them and having a life of ease, joy and glory. This is just some of what you can get when you have your Bars run or run someone else's Bars.

Become An Access Bars Facilitator

Would you like to become a licensed Access Bars Facilitator? It is easy!