Yvonne Gerner

Yvonne Gerner

Yvonne Gerner

So… here we go… what can I tell you about me?

I could tell you my story: about my parents divorce, about my rocky relationship with my mom, about growing up in Eastern Germany, tucked behind the Iron Curtain…
Is this who I am?

Or I could paint you a picture of who I desire to be: the smart, always-on-time person that reads a lot, knows tons about any subject, is right in the middle of every party – telling funny anecdotes while nibbling graciously at the food and taking tiny sips of wine…
Would you believe me?

What I can tell you is this: in 2016 I found Access Consciousness and my life changed drastically and keeps on changing. This set of tools, with verbal and body processes are so invaluable to me that I desire to share them with the world.

You can find them in my articles, and you can join my classes where I teach them. You might also catch a glimpse of who I am on that particular day.

What I know for sure now is this – you can choose anew at any given moment, and you can redefine who you are.

Who am I today and what great and glorious adventures can I have? Will you join me on this ride?

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