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Elizabeth Waters

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I always thought I was doing moderately well at life. Sure there were things I was continuously working on; in my relationships, career, and the way I showed up in the world. I didn't, however, really expect any of that to change, at least not significantly.

There were plenty of things that I considered "wrong" with me that I was always trying to improve. Things like my social awkwardness, lack of confidence, and my discomfort with speaking in front of people, but I figured that was just me, and I was sort of stuck with it.

Then along came Access :)

It all started when my husband suggested I listen to some stuff he'd come accross from one of the co-creators of Access, Dain Heer, sharing the basic tools. I had no expectations when I listened to them the first time. I had done a lot of healing modalities before this, and while many of them had enhanced my life, nothing had created significant or lasting change.

Immediately I knew that something was different about this Access stuff. I hadn't even started incorporating the tools into my life, and I had already started to notice some remarkable changes.

Some of these are difficult to explain, and all of them were so random and wacky and beyond expectation, that it was undeniable as some sort of placebo effect.

One of the most profound, was a new awareness of where and how I was judging all the time. I hadn't even noticed I was doing it before, because it was second nature. It wasn't until I stopped doing it all the time, that I was aware something was missing.

It was a glorious taste of what is possible. Give me more please!

Since that time my world has continued to expand and grow in ways that I couldn't have conceived of before.

I am so very grateful for these tools everyday, especially the Access Bars and Body Processes.

I wonder what we can create together?


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