Katherine McIntosh

Katherine McIntosh

What if you've always known what would work for you?  Is it at all real to you that you know and you've always known?  The principle of Access Consciousness® is to empower you to know that you know.  What if you could discover what is true for you?  What if you're not wrong?

What if you had tools that could empower you to create your life?

I came across the tools of Access Consciousness after 20 years of searching for answers in Psychology, Spirituality, Shamanism, Energy Work, Meditation, and so much more.  I traveled the world, went to Grad School, and tried every modality I could find.  I wanted to know why I felt so wrong, why I struggled with my body and food.  Why I never felt good enough.  The more I dug into the problems I thought I had, the more conflicted I felt.  It was always this feeling of searching for the right answers that would take me out of my misery.  But I never found the answers until I came across Access.

They didn't want to give me answers, they taught me that the key to my own personal freedom was to ask questions and never come to a conclusion.

When I found these tools I had this feeling that I had finally found what I was born to do.

What if you could discover what was true for you?

What if you could have that freedom for yourself?

The key to freedom is within you.  The purpose of life is to be happy.  Would you allow yourself to be happy?  It is possible.  Are you willing to choose?

Katherine is the founder of the No Judgment Diet@TM, which uses the Tools of Access Consciousness® to help set you free from judgment.  What if your body was not judge able?  What if your body desired to create with you and contribute to you?  Your body is a gift and what does it know?

The target of The No Judgment Diet is to see 10 million people out of judgment with their bodies.  What if you never had to judge you or your body again?
Would that change your life?

Mom, sunshine hunter, travel junkie, mountain bike lover, and skier extraordinaire, Katherine loves adventure and is fascinated by the possibilities that exist beyond this reality.  She has worked with people from all walks of life, from actors, musicians, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Forward Thinkers, Moms, and People from all walks of life.

Born to facilitate, Katherine loves watching people wake up and choose their brilliance.

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“The World Doesn't Need More Diets. The World Needs to Love the Skin They're In.”

- Katherine McIntosh



The No Judgment Diet - A Course in Possibilities

The tools of Access Consciousness combined with The No Judgment Diet is a revolutionary way to not only change your body, but to connect with it in a way that expands your awareness beyond what you ever thought possible.  When you connect with your body and eliminate the judgments that keep you separate from you, you can change absolutely anything. 

NJD4Life - A 6 Month Journey of Possibilities

What if there was a way to eradicate the challenges and close the gap between you and the business, body, relationship, money, and life of your dreams? What if your dream life was about getting rid of the core of what's in the way so that you could actually know that NOTHING stands in the way of you and the life you were meant to create! Are you ready to create your life and living beyond what you ever thought possible? 

No Judgment Party

What if you could change anything you thought you couldn’t change? Are you curious how the tools of Access Consciousness® can assist you in getting out of judgment in every area of your life? These free livestream Parties are about celebrating the magic of you.  Come and receive free facilitation and discover what living a life of No Judgment could create for you and your future!