Lisa Henriksson

Lisa Henriksson

Lisa Henriksson


"I am so happy to see YOU here! Do you remember who you were before someone else told you who you were supposed to be and are you ready to have ALL of you and the adventure of living again?"

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Lisa Henriksson was born and raised on the beautiful West Coast of Sweden and has a master’s degree in political science from the University of Stockholm. After a successful career in journalism, politics and digital communications – leading her as a radio reporter all the way to the White House – Lisa Henriksson shifted paths in search of new ways to contribute to a better and happier world, the expansion of consciousness and greater possibilities for all of us.

Henriksson is the founder and CEO of the Swedish yoga and health center Egen Tid (transl. Your Own Time), offering expectant mothers a space where they can prepare for the birth of their baby and care for both body and mind through yoga, Pilates and mindfulness exercises.

Since 2010, Henriksson is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator. She travels the world coaching and facilitating individuals and groups to accessing their knowing and awareness.

Wisdom Stockholm is one of Lisa’s most recent projects. As the co-founder and project manager she’s plays a big role in creating a unique conference where top business executives, spiritual leaders and internationally renowned speakers share real projects and ideas for solutions to the challenges facing the global society. The conference attracts a global community of people interested in living with deeper wisdom, compassion and awareness in the digital age. 

Henriksson is a true creative force and her joyful personality is inspiring to everyone who meets her. Her target is to invite others to a different way of functioning in this reality. She finds true joy in seeing people grow and blossom.

In her recently published book I was supposed to be happy Henriksson candidly shares her successes and failures, giving readers new perspectives on happiness, fulfillment and the choice to accept her invitation “for you to find and choose what is true for you.” I Was Supposed to Be Happy is available now at

Lisa lives with her two children Nova and Mio in Stockholm, Sweden.


Said about Lisa

"I am deeply impressed by how Lisa shows up as a happy and authentic human being in this world. I am impressed by how committed she is to transforming herself inside out. And most importantly for wanting to be a mentor, guide, and fellow traveler to anyone who wants to embark on that positive journey."
  • Gopi Kalyali, Google´s Cheif Evangelist for Brand Marketing"

"Lisa's genuinely joyful and sparkling being were an irresistible invitation for me to attend one of her life changing 5 days of transformation classes. Lisa is absolute bliss ! She is one of the most generative and brilliant people I know. Her non judgemental presence and her commitment for creating a greater world are an inspiration. Lisa has a beautiful uncanny way of facilitating change and she is a rare cocktail of joy, kindness, power, sensuality, vulnerability and presence. If you want to stop doing happy and instead start being happy, Lisa is your Wonder Woman!"

  • Henrika Tonder, CFMW, Creator of Change 

 "If you want a slow project, don’t get Lisa involved. “How about NOW” is the way she works. She is fast and creative, and through her natural caring, leadership and drive she gets the most out of herself and everyone in the team. She loves new ideas, and incorporates everything in hours, if not minutes. You can fully trust that she will do her part, and she will challenge you to step up your game.

In Lisa’s projects you will get a lot done while having a great deal of fun. Problems seem to vanish when the team runs through them. The end result is brilliant and thanks to the speed, it is very cost effective."

  • Jörgen Bladh, Founder and CEO, Northzone Ventures Sweden.

 "I am so fascinated and impressed by Lisas journey through life. She has found tools that have helped her change her life and she is one of the few people I know who is genuinely happy."

  • Lina Rönning, Books & Dreams magazine and event, Bonnierförlagen

 "Lisa is one of the most inspiring people i met. She has showed me how I can create my own life and business from a totally different place. That it is actually possible to have joy and expansion and work at the same time. It is so important to remember that to be successful and to lead people we can still keep the uniqueness of who we are and at the same time be good leaders and entrepreneurs! And the coolest thing is that after I learned this from Lisa my own company is growing and flourishing more then ever!"

  • Susanna Heli, Author of the book and method "Confident Birth" 



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“With the Access Consciousness classes you will receive tools you can use for the rest of your life! Are you ready to have and be ALL of you? - Lisa -”

- My wish is for you to ask yourself questions about WHAT IS TRUE FOR YOU, what you really long for and what you could choose when you look beyond all of the expectations and the judgments that shape your choices today. My desire with everything that I do and BE today is to create a different world – a conscious world where we are KIND, GRATEFUL, VULNERABLE and in ALLOWANCE of each other and ourselves. A world filled with more happy people. And I know it’s possible. - LISA